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CWR Motorsports has been a part of the St. Louis and surrounding community since 1999.  We specialize in the buying and selling of high end vehicles.  We also provide CNC Machining for custom motorcycle parts and/or vehicle parts with an emphasis of the parts being one-off.  If you are in need of a set of custom wheels for your vehicle or motorcycle we can also accommodate you with any aftermarket wheels or tires on the market.  CWR Motorsports is your one stop shop for everything vehicle and motorcycle related.  We have several branches of business to serve the needs of our customers and we encourage you to visit each of the sites listed below.  Please give us a call or email us with any questions you may have regarding our products and services.

CWR Motorsports - Vehicle Sales


CWR Motorsports - Custom Motorcycles


CNC Evolution - Custom CNC Parts

CNC Evolution

Willis Racing - Drag Racing

Willis Racing

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